Storm Shield Cyclonic High Impact Glass

Keeping your family safe

The Australian construction industry has faced significant changes to the way buildings are specified with-in cyclone regions. The need for impact resistant windows and doors has been removed from the standards as of May 2013. Buildings now have to be engineered to cope with cyclones and as such are able to glazed with normal float glass that allow objects to penetrate the building. However if you want to protect your family and possessions you should insist on STORMSHIELD impact resistant glass for your project.

Glass Co WA has been at the forefront of design and testing in conjunction with ALSPEC and Stormshield to bring to the market an affordable solution for the North West of WA. After extensive testing around window systems to cope with cyclonic conditions a new suite of products has emerged and is now available from Glass Co WA. 

Glass Co WA is also proud to be the sole wholesale distributor of “Stormshield” CYCLONIC laminated glass within Western Australia. Our ability to cut and supply in short time frames, as well as delivery all over Western Australia make Glass Co WA the perfect partner for the supply of cyclonic products into REGIONAL WA. Tested quality HIGH IMPACT glass has transformed the window and door market, allowing projects to be fitted with the strongest and thinnest glass in the world that is cut from large sheets, right here in Regional WA, making it more accessible and affordable than ever.