WINDOW trims

Making the difficult easy

When it comes to systems nothing compares to Glass Co's system. A full complement of trims are available to suit ANY framed, concrete or brick construction on the complete range  Residential and Commercial products. Finish off your project with cost effective quality trims that not only provide aesthetic value but also aids in weather proofing.

RSW150 - external trim

This lightweight cost effective trim option is the perfect partner for framed housing. RSW150 can cover everything from Colour bond, timber and compressed sheet. There 2 beads available leaving a 12mm and 18mm opening depending on your cladding type.



RAW16 / RSD516 - Face Fit Adaptor

Face fit adaptors are an extremely flexible option for jobs that have a flat panel face to fit to. There are 2 options in this angle that allow for either concealed or non concealed fixings on the face. All adaptors fit into any of the RANGE of Carinya making it possible to have any configuration and style of window and door for your next project.

WESTRIM - 2 Piece Universal Trim

The ultimate trim system that delivers water resistance and 3 beads types to capture cladding thicknesses of 12mm, 18mm & 24mm. This 2 piece systems adapts to frame on the market. Installed correctly WESTRIM takes care of your weather proofing and takes the place of flashings normally required for framed construction. This architectural finish is a sought after addition by quality builders who are looking for the perfect finish to their project.